This wiki is based on the popular Avatar the Last Airbender series and follows the series. We also are following the idea that the events of The Legend of Korra spin-off after the ATLA series is 200 years ago. There is peace among the 4 nations and the Air nomads' population has grown and steadied back to it's pre-war amount.

Characters that are not allowed to be Roleplayed because they are OP or CanonEdit

We here at this wiki know that fans would dearly want to rp as their favourite characters from the series but as the events of ATLA happened 200 years ago, it's not possible to. So here's an example list of characters that you may not roleplay as:

  1. Aang
  2. Katara
  3. Sokka
  4. Toph
  5. Suki
  6. Zuko
  7. Korra
  8. Azula
  9. Ozai
  10. Tai Lee
  11. Mai
  12. The Avatar
  13. The 4 leaders of the 4 nations (The admins are sharing them)


What you are allowed to doEdit

You are encouraged to make your own characters and make them original. You can name them whatever you like, but do not use name combinations that were used in ATLA and TLOK. For example, do not use the name combination Tai Lee. You may use the combination Katara Lee though, for example.