1: You MUST make a claim before creating the character page.

2: Your character claim should be descriptive and as accurate as possible (Slight exaggeration used here).

3: Do not request a claim for a Canon character (For example you can't be Aang, Katara, Zuko, etc, so don't try to make a claim to try to be them).

4: Only admins and B-crats can approve the claims.

5: Users can only have 3 Benders tops and 3 non-Benders tops. 6 chars max.

6: Don't make your characters over powerful! Admins will say whether or not they are.

Things to put in your claimEdit

This is generally what you should put in your claim:

1: Name

2: Parents' names

3: Appearance

4: Personality

5: Bending Experience (Still Learning, Beginner, Medium, Advanced. Only applies to Benders.)

6: Age

7: History

8. Occupation

9: Allegiance

10: Weapons (If they have any. Weapons cannot be Over-powerful like you can't have a one-touch kill sword.)

Characters for AdoptionEdit

If you want your character no more, put it up for adoption! Just put their name (link it) and then your user name (link it). For example: Tara Smith - User: someone

(None as of yet. But if you want to put one up for adoption, put a link to their page here and write the user name. Once there is at least one character up for adoption here, remove this comment.)

Put your claims here!Edit