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This character is a Earth bender.

Geoghan Houzah
The Earthmover
Important Information
Gender male
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Earth Kingdom
Weapons The Earth, Sword
Home Ba Sing Sei


Geoghan Houzah is an earthbender born within the Earth Kingdom, in the city of Omashu, in the house of Houzah. He trained with his father, who was a skilled Earthbender, until he turned 16, when he went of with a master earthbender to develop and master his skills even further. They trained in the city of Ba Sing Sei. After years of training he finally became so good that he was considered for a position within the Dai Li, which he declined. Instead he joined the Earth Kingdom Army, where to date, he remains loyal to the earth King.


He is very nice, and outspoken. He follows order to the letter, but takes fierce pride in his family and home. No one who has ever insulted him, his family or his home has ever gotten away with less then a broken arm.


he is six feet tall, has blue eyes, black hair, and usually wears Earth Kingdom Traditional Robes/

Powers and PossesionsEdit

  • He is a skilled Earthbender
  • A great swordsman.
  • He is skilled in the art of metal-bending
  • he has mastered seismic sense
Geo sword

Geoghan in traditional Earth-kingdom robes