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Kalkin Arlyn
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue/Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'8"
Affiliation Water Tribes
Weapons The Ocean/Water
Home Northern Water Tribe
This character is a Water bender.

Kalkin is a Waterbender from the Water Nation. He is 14 1/3 and has no known family. He preffers his name to be shortened to Kal.


He has short-ish brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin and is average height for age of 14


Kalkin was left in a basket outside of an orphanage in the Northern Water Tribes capital city. Kal was left with a not and 2 items. A pendant and a sword. Kal believes his mother to be Northern Water Tribe and his father from the Southern Water Tribe. Kal could bend Ice from a young age, hence knowing he was a bender from a young age, but was slow at gaining the ability to move liquid water. Kal left the orphanage at 12 after having a large arument with the orphanage owner. At 13 he had reached the Northern Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se and stayed there for about 5 months. He returned to the orphanage at the age of 14.


Kal is a timid person but once your his friend he's a lot more charismatic. He is also prone to depresion and usualy gets angry. Terry is intellegent, some might say geeky. He doesn't share the sexist views of his fellow Northern Water tribesmen and also doesn't dress or look like them.


Kal using practicing his Waterbending


Kalkin isn't very wealthy he has:

  • 10 copper
  • 5 silver
  • 1 gold


Kal is a water bender from the Northern Water Tribe in the North Pole although he doesn't share his tribes sexist beliefs. He is ready to affiliate to anyone.


Likes :)Edit

  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Using his power
  • sitting down

Dislikes :(Edit

  • Pranks being pulled on him
  • Being hurt
  • Heights
  • Darkness
  • Being bullied



Kal u

Kal's blunt Whalebone Scimitar

ses a Whale bone Scimitar along with his bending powers. The sword isn't very sharp so it's better for hitting rather than slicing. It was another item left with Kal when he was abandoned at the orphanage. Kal Believes it belonged to his Father who he has found out was from the Southern Water tribe.



Emblem on his pendant

Kalkin has a Water tribe emblem pendant that was left in his basket after being placed out side of the orphanage in which Kal used to resided. He believes it is a gift from his mother, like she knew Kal was going to be a Waterbender.


  • Can control Water
  • Water makes him stronger
  • Can turn water into ice


  • Good cook
  • Good astronemer
  • Smart
  • Good at swimming
  • Drawing


Can speak 3 languages:

  1. German
  2. Ancient Greek
  3. English (Duh)