Lyra Asya
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Lyra is currently in the Earth kingdom, visiting her mothers sister.



History Lyra’s mother, Talise, was from a respected family in the northern water tribe. Lyra took much after her mother in looks and personality. Talise was promised to a cruel and vain member of the northern water tribe called Yutu who loved her but she did not return the feelings. Refusing to partake in the marriage, Talise took her most valuable belongings and ran away by boats, aiming to reach Ba sing sei.

Her father, Eito also was from a respected, but also rich family in the Fire nation. He was a powerful bender and a strong, dedicated man. Eito joined the fire nation navy and met Talise whilst at sea, she had smuggled herself aboard his ship. Pitying the beautiful girl, he allowed her to travel with the crew as long as she repaid him by cleaning the ship. The two fell in love, and when it was time to return to the fire nation, Eito brought Talise with him and married her.

When Lyra was born, Yutu grew very angry. He hired bounty hunters to kill the child. Lyra was murdered on her first birthday. Grief stricken, her mother prayed to the Moon Spirit (Yue) for her revival. Being a gentle and loving spirit, it took pity on Lyra and her family. It allowed Lyra to be revived if they paid a price. To bring back Lyra, Talise and Eito had to give their own lives. Loving their young daughter very much, they willingly gave themselves up and so Lyra was resurrected. But the fact that Lyra was born a firebender impacted the revival. She is now mute.

After her parents death, Lyra was sent to live with Yutu. In her childhood, he was nice to her and spoiled her with gifts but flipped out whenever she mentioned her father. Lyra did not know that this man is the reason behind her parents deaths. She was driven by her fathers death in particular to master the ability of firebending she is blessed to have. Lyra is able to bend lightning. Recently, Lyra found Yutu’s journal and due to her inquisitive nature, read the entries that revealed the truth behind the deaths of Talise and Eito.

Disgusted, Lyra fled to the fire nation and currently lives in her parents old residence, out of contact with Yutu. The journal also mentioned things she did not know about her family. For instance, her mother had a sister who resides in the Earth Kingdom.

The Mute Firebender
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Human Firebender
Family Eito Asya (father)
Talisa Asya (mother)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Golden
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5' 7"
Affiliation Self

Fire Nation

Weapons Relies on bending
Home Fire Nation

Asya Mansion


Lyra is gentle, calm and charming. She is generous, inquisitive and clever. When the need arises, she uses her intelligence to be devious and cunning.


Lyra has long curly brown hair and golden eyes. She is slim and stands at about 5”7. Lyra has a soft features, with full lips and long lashes.



  • Lyra is an advanced Firebender
  • Lyra can control lightning
  • Lyra is mute


Lyra has a notebook, to write in as she is mute.