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This character is a Earth bender.

Max Vaz is an Earth bender with tremendous experience with earth bending. he is also severely Bi-polar and can get angry very easily and when he is angry he gets stronger. he lived in Ba Sing Se until he was about 10 but then his dad got transfered to the fire nation for his job. until then Max was home-schooled but when they moved to the fire nation he had to go to public school. after about two weeks there of being constantly bullied Max couldnt take it anymore so he got so angry he made a huge rock smash on top of the school leaving no survivors except for himself since then max ran away from his family and has been running from the fire nation police. he lived in the water tribe for about 5 years until he thought the fire nation gave up on finding him. after that he moved back to Ba Sing Se where he opened up a weapon shop and runs that to this day.

Earth bender