The Northern Water Tribe is the northernly division of the Water Tribe, which is the sister of the Southern Water Tribe. All of the people of the Northern Water Tribe live in one city, which is located at the North Pole. The city is the only surviving city of the Water Tribe. It has never fallen to any invaders, including the Fire Nation during the War. Unlike the Southern Water Tribe, the people of the Northern Water Tribe are relatively richer and more prosperous.


Government System: Tribal Chiefdom

Head of State & Government: Chief

The Northern Tribe is a patriarchal monarchy but has the aspects of a tribal group because the Chief is the Head of State. Labor division is dependent on gender: men serve as hunters, fishermen and warriors, and women serve as homemakers. In the Northern Water Tribe, if a woman wanted to learn to fight using Waterbending, she would be denied.

There is a small council that advises to the Tribal Chief, including the tribe's greatest Waterbending master. Politics can also be personal.

Beliefs & CustomsEdit

Women become marriageable at the age of 16. Some marriages are arranged, with the bride in particular having no say in the matter. Engaged women wear "betrothal necklaces", navy blue chokers bearing blue stone pendants carved by their husband-to-be. It is forbidden by custom for female Waterbenders to learn Waterbending for fighting purposes. Instead, they are trained as Healers, able to use bending to heal wounds and at least some illnesses and mental disturbances. It is unknown if this custom applies to female Avatars.[1] It is unknown whether or not male Waterbenders have the right to learn Waterbending for healing purposes.

While the Southern Water Tribe seems to have similar traditional roles, they are apparently much more strict in the North. We can thereby conclude that female Waterbenders are allowed to learn Waterbending for fighting purposes in the Southern Water Tribe.

Natural Resources & their usesEdit

Inhabiting frozen poles near the seas, the Water Tribes inherently are dependent on the oceans for a majority of their natural resources and well as the bounty of the frozen tundra. Skins from seals are used to create tents, while pelts from polar bears and other furry animals are used as clothing and to cover barren surfaces. Naturally, hunters and fishermen of the Water Tribes are some of the best in the world in their field. One of the most prevalent natural resources of the Northern Water Tribe is ice. Ice is used as the main building material used to make buildings, walls, dikes, locks, and other structures, as well as a medium of bending.

Layout and DescriptionEdit

Unlike the obliterated Air Nomads and their southernly sister tribe, the Northern Water Tribe has survived a century of war with the Fire Nation due to the defenses their icy terrain provides. Resting on the shores of the Northern Sea, behind high walls of ice and an ice gate and canal lock system passable only by the use of Waterbending. There lies a large and bustling monarchic nation-state. The capital city features a palace, an army, and many skilled warriors, Healers, Waterbenders, and a hidden oasis which houses Tui and La, the Moon and Ocean Spirits. Flanked by icy sidewalks, the city roadways are canals, which people travel by gondola.

Located at the North Pole, the Northern Water Tribe is a huge, multi-tiered city built into the icy landscape. Looming over the city are giant ice cliffs from which it was originally built. The city rests on the shores of the Northern Sea, and behind it is an enormous frozen tundra.