About Me
I am the Fire Prince, heir to the throne. I was trained in firebending and weapon use from an early age. My father had the best warriors of our kingdom teach me, as well as helping me himself. When i was seventeen I learned the secrets of firebending from the dragon masters
Current Time
I am among my nations' most powerful firebenders and its greatest warriors.
As the heir to the throne, one day I will be Firelord.
Physical Description
I am tall with a lithe, muscular build. I have long hair, and flame-coloured eyes.
I am calm, collected and reasonable. I am a loyal and trustworthy person. Although I was brought up a prince, I spent a lot of my time with the fire nation people, so I understand them and treat them all the same. However, when I get very angry, I am close to unstoppable.
Pyro Ignis
Me with my armor
The Fire Prince
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born I was born 18 years ago.
Species Human Fire Bender
Family The Fire Nation Royal Family
Status Alive
Eye Colour Flame-coloured
Hair Colour Black
Height 6' 4"
Affiliation Fire Nation
Weapons A sword and throwing weapons.
Home The Firelord's Palace
Enemies Fire Nation Criminals

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Firebending Powers
Fire storm
I have a reputation of being the most powerful firebender alive. I was told the secret of firebending by the dragons. I have mastered all forms of firebending. I can use my firebending to form many objects to use in battle, and my sword is specially made so it can be lit on fire.
Blue fire 2
He can also control blue fire which is hotter and more dangerous. He doesn't tell people often, but he will use it in public if he needs to.
White fire
He has a unique ability in which he can control white fire. However it burns him if he holds it and it drains him if he releases it. It is extremely powerful and can burn through metal in seconds. He can coat his sword on it, and reduce the effect is has on him. He rarely uses this ability and he never tells anyone about it.
Blue lightning
He can control lightning, as well as being able to redirect it.
Weapon Training
I am a master swordsman. I was trained by one of the nation's best warriors, and I was his best pupil. He gave me a sword that could be safely lit on fire when I was sixteen.
Physical Abilities
  • I am very agile and I have quick reflixes.
  • I am quite strong physically.
  • I am a fast runner.
  • I am a good unarmed fighter.


P4 P1 P2
I use three different swords. The first is a traditional double-edged weapon. The second is a single-bladed weapons that can be attached to my armor. The third is a traditional sword that can be used to help my firebending.
I use a golden-coloured armor made of specially hardened metal.
Royal Equipment
P armor Ph
I wear my Royal Armor on formal occasions. I alwways wear my Royal Headpiece, unless I don't want to be known as the Fire Prince.


Fire Prince
As the Fire Prince I have the authority to command everyone in the Fire Nation, except a select few, including my Father and some Ministers. I never really use this authority, as I don't want my position to affect people's decisions.
Army General
As I am a child prodigy, I have been granted the position of General in the Army, making me the youngest General ever. I can command all Army forces, except the other generals.
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