North Water Tribe

he Water Tribe is a collective term for a nation of people who practice the art of Waterbending. It is one of the Four Nations and its members, for the most part, inhabit the polar regions.

The water tribes has a small kingdom and a small economy. It does not have a large military.

Tribal DivisionEdit

The Water Tribe is divided into three divisions:

Northern Water Tribe

Southern Water Tribe

Foggy Swamp Tribe


The Water Tribes are a peaceful people. They strive to live in harmony with nature and with the other nations of the world. There are two sects of Water Tribes, the Northern and the Southern. Each sect is based on their respective pole.



Emblem of the Water Nation


The Water Tribe is far less powerful than either the Earth Kingdom or the Fire Nation. Its economy is very small and is dependent on ocean resources, which can be attributed to the relatively small population of the Water Tribes as the third most populous nation.

Geography & CultureEdit


Southern Water Tribe Village

The Water Tribe is divided into three distinct groups, primarily based on their geography and affinity for Waterbending. The Southern Tribe occupies the South Pole with Katara as its only known bending member the art having been almost completely erased from the South Pole as a direct result of the Fire Nation raids. The Northern Tribe consists of the majority of the official remnants of their civilization, occupying the North Pole with a multitude of able benders. Though separated, the Southern and Northern Tribes continued to remain in contact prior to the War and at one time even retained a custom of coming together during a New Moon justly called the New Moon Celebration. The Foggy Swamp Tribe occupies a swamp in the Earth Kingdom, while most, if not all, of its members are competent benders with some unique talents, such as Plantbending